giving back

- Maya, the creator of MindBloom

Mental health struggles are especially heightened in teenage years with stress from school, pressure to succeed, extracurriculars, social media, and the impending future. I believe that one of the best ways to lessen stress (for any age) is to focus on calmness and clarity. That's why MindBloom Candles by Maya was created - to encourage you to light a candle, focus on relaxing, and all-in-all de-stress. With all profits benefiting a mental health charity promoting teenage mental wellness, the candles not only comfort you, but also help others who are dealing with mental health struggles. Thank you so much for your support!

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MindBloom has a charitable partnership with the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation. All candle profits are donated to the CKG Foundation, which is an organization based in Richmond, VA that raises awareness and understanding for teen anxiety and depression. The foundation's goal is to encourage teenagers to have the courage to "speak up" for their personal mental battles. Visit to learn more about their mission!

MindBloom was created to raise awareness for mental health concerns, especially in teens. Our aromatherapy candles aim to help customers feel relaxed, calm, and clear during times of stress or anxiety. If you would like to further help MindBloom raise funding for mental health awareness, please visit our contact page to reach out.

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